Fellowships & Awards

1. Student Innovation Fellow for 2016/2017 & 2017/2018

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I am a Student Innovation Fellow (SIF) at the Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL), Georgia State University. As an Innovation Fellow, I work on a host different projects that bring together academic and technological expertise to create new tools such as hybrid course modules, computational platforms that automate scenario building for advanced social science experiments. I also work with software teams to design data collection and mining platforms.

I am currently leading two project teams working on projects that combine technological innovation with social sciences. One of these projects is a data manipulator tool that allows people to predict the demographic and sociological make-up of the United States in 2060 based on census data projections.

The second project is the Atlanta Rap Map project that maps out Rap lyrics from famous Atlanta-based musicians over the last 20 years. The purpose of the project was to generate a living history of the city’s changing landscape while focusing on the uneven evolution of the city that is leaving substantial low-income portions of the city behind. The motivation behind the venture was to create policy tools that can be co-opted into future policy planning. This project was recently featured in a CityLab article.

I am also a team member on a larger project called ‘Teaching Atlanta’. The project creates a public repository of teaching materials and multidisciplinary experts whose focus is exploring how urban spaces in Atlanta, interact with Art, Social Science, and Policy.


2. Taiwan Fellowship


I was awarded the Taiwan Fellowship for 2017 to conduct field research in Taiwan as well as the ASEAN region. The Fellowship contributed significantly towards my dissertation fieldwork concerning the role of systems and bureaucracies during democratization. The fellowship also allowed me to expand on my work within the domain of IR by exploring Taiwan’s engagement in South East Asia through the New Southbound Policy introduced by the DPP Government in the last 18 months. For the period of my fellowship, I was a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Political Science (IPS) at National Sun Yat-Sen University in Kaohsiung (Taiwan). As part of the Fellowship, I gave multiple guest talks around universities in Taiwan.

3. Visiting Research Associate – Center for Public Policy and Governance (CPPG) at Forman Christian College

I am a Visiting Research Associate at the center since May 2017. At CPPG, my focus is on regionalism, notably the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative’s impact on Pakistan and South Asia. This focus coincides with my work on Taiwan’s attempts to reinvent its diplomatic approach to South and East Asia by focusing on cultural exchange rather than full diplomatic relations with Taiwan as part the New Southbound Strategy. Most recently I have represented the center at the South Asian Economic Forum in Nepal (2017) and as a member on Pakistan’s Five-Year Development Plan committee (2018).

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